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Benson Formations

Andrea Vasilova

Founding Partner

The work and the value

Andrea likes advising on the creation of new business structures in different jurisdictions for business owners, who do not know which country would be the best suitable option to locate their new company. Andrea’s excellent attention to detail makes sure your company abroad is set up in the correct fashion and in a timely manner. Her input is priceless for entrepreneurs and their businesses.

They have peace of mind, and satisfaction that their foreign company is administered well. Plus every aspect of compliance in your chosen foreign country is taken care of. Thus, Andrea allows you to be more effective and concentrated on growing your business and her team takes control of the hassle of administrative tasks related to your company abroad.

Overview And Experience

andrea vasilova

Andrea co-leads Benson Formations, a boutique consultancy, company formation and corporate services firm focused on helping modern entrepreneurs set up and run their onshore and offshore companies. Benson Formations is the corporate services branch of Vasil Partners, which delivers legal, accounting, advisory and corporate services.

Andrea Vasilova works as a corporate and tax lawyer and business structuring advisor. She helps individuals and businesses to navigate through various compliance issues in different countries, to make sure their companies are constantly in good standing. Utilising her second degree in economy and business and longstanding experience in accounting, she oversees the work of team of local accountants preparing financial statements of offshore and onshore companies of clients, thus minimising their potentials errors. 

Andrea has the following life story to tell you: 

Bratislava and Prague

“While studying my law degree at Comenius University in Bratislava I started work in a law firm in 1999 as an advocate assistant in Slovakia, assisting advocates in everything needed including corporate and tax matters.

Following my law degree, I completed my second degree in Economy University in Bratislava, started practising in 2005 as an advocate in Slovakia and in 2006 in the Czech Republic.


Helping my brother Marian with his legal work (back in Bratislava, Slovakia) while he studied in London, UK, we started cooperating more closely, joined forces and gradually specialising in servicing open-minded entrepreneurs and business owners in doing business in offshore and onshore jurisdictions. Hence, I have added to my work skill set the corporate services, accounting and dealing with numerous compliance and legal issues with local close associates in various countries in which our clients have had their companies. Since Marian was in London, we started helping businesses from abroad to enter the UK market, structuring their business in tax-efficient way and assisting with their company formation and management. It quickly expanded into servicing also other onshore and offshore countries (e.g. Cyprus, Malta, BVI, UAE, Singapore) for our clients’ companies.


With an increased attractiveness of Dubai as the business hub in Middle East and entry point to Africa, Marian moved to Dubai in 2016 and we started assisting clients interested to set up their business in UAE and/or neighbouring countries.


Following the Brexit vote in 2016 and UK companies starting preparing their contingency plans to set up subsidiaries in or relocate to continental Europe, we added in 2018 Cyprus to our list to assist the businesses to put their plans into reality, helping them with company formations and administration of their companies in Cyprus. 

However, this is not the end. We gradually explore new countries for their attractive, often unique features of doing business. Thus, we constantly upgrade our list where we can help and support business owners to do business in by our range of services.