The Marshall Islands

Basic facts

The Marshall Islands Overview

| USD currency | Legal system based on English common law | Attractive tax system | Business friendly environment | English and Marshallese speaking

Top 3

Reasons For Doing Business In The Marshall Islands

Tax exemption for offshore companies

Strong confidentiality of company registry information

Shelf companies available

More Advantages

  • Premier offshore jurisdiction on the EU white list,
  • Several types of partnerships available,
  • Renowned ship and yacht registry.

Company Formation In The Marshall Islands

Do you need to establish a company in the Marshall Islands? Then to administer it?

Do you look for a safe place to keep your business affairs confidential?

Do you need to register your yacht in a correct way? And to rent it?

You do not know yet what you actually need?

We are ready to help you find the right answers and workable solutions.

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