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Basic Facts

Cameroon Overview

African Union member country / Central African franc (XAF) currency / Dual legal system of French civil law and English common law / Politically stable presidential republic country / English and French speaking

Top 3

Reasons For Doing Business In Cameroon

Low start-up cost and simple procedures to register a business

Strategic geographical position between West and Central Africa

Wide range of various tax incentives to investors

More advantages​

  • Corporate income tax rate of 27.5% (33%)
  • Property tax is charged at 0.1% of the assessed property value,
  • Capital gains are normally taxed at full CIT rates,
  • Dividends are subject to the withholding tax of 16.5% and it applies to dividends paid to both Cameroon residents and non-residents, the above rate may be reduced under an applicable DTT,
  • Losses can be carried forward up to four years, carryback of losses is not permitted,
  • No transfer pricing, nor controlled foreign companies (CFCs) provisions,
  • No wealth tax.

Company Formation In Cameroon

Do you need to establish a company in Cameroon? Then to administer it?

Are you looking for a reliable lawyer or accountant in Cameroon?

Do you want to structure your international business in a correct way?

Do you not know yet what you actually need in Cameroon?

Well, contact us at any time, we are ready to help you to find the right answers and workable solution for you. 

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