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Benjamin Franklin once noted that tax (together with death) is one of the two certainties in our lives. However, your tax can be mitigated. Countries offer differing tax systems, so if your business transactions are planned well in advance and their tax consequences are analyzed by experienced professionals, it can save you a great deal of money.

We offer you a professional international tax advisory. We will navigate you through the maze of various tax systems, international agreements and their ongoing changes. We will consider the effects of your private and/or business transactions on your tax, then advise you how to take maximum benefit of your particular situation.

Achieve Positive Tax Consequences​

Best solutions for your tax mitigation

international tax advisory

Confused about how to transfer goods between multiple countries? Set up your company in a suitable jurisdiction in order to achieve positive tax consequences such as tax mitigation and avoid the negative one such as double taxation. Or are you thinking about buying a holiday home abroad? There can be very different tax implications regarding your future home sale or rental income depending on in which country you want to purchase the property. 

In both cases it is critical to plan your actions well and analyze their tax consequences as it can be a gamer changer. Don’t wait until the taxman knocks on your door asking you to pay the tax which could have been otherwise avoided. Contact us and we will provide you with international tax advisory. Even in cases of small transactions involving several tax systems of countries and their effect to your transaction need to be analyzed and duly considered. You have to be well prepared so we will sit together and find the best solution for your tax mitigation.

“Liberty is the right to do what the law permits.”

Montesquieu, French Political Philosopher

International Tax Advisory​

How it works


Initial meeting

During the initial introductory meeting or a conference call we will discuss your plans and needs, based on facts. We will ask you about your assets, residency, goals in order to gather information enabling us to correctly address your specific questions and provide an expert opinion regarding international tax planning and/or tax mitigation. We work as a team of experienced professionals based in different jurisdictions and will advise you in a bespoke manner.


Due Diligence

Before an actual company formation or international tax advisory we, as a regulated entity, we will run necessary due diligence on you, i.e. know your client (KYC) and anti money laundering (AML) screening in order to know who you are and what is your risk profile, in order to decide whether to take you on board as a new client. Following successful due diligence, we will conclude a service contract to provide you with international tax advisory services.


International tax advisory

Once the due diligence is successfully completed and the service contract concluded with the first payment remitted by you, our team of expert tax professionals will commence their work on drafting the tax opinion replying to your questions regarding international tax issues. We will update you about the work in progress and possibly ask additional questions along the way. After our work is done, we will kindly ask you to give us your feedback which is important for our ongoing effort to improve our services.

Are you ready to gain more freedom?

You are only one step from an international tax advisory that will change the way how you think and run business.