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Basic Facts

Kazakhstan overview

| Central Asia country | Member of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) | Tenge (KZT) currency | Civil law legal system | Political stability | Double taxation agreements with more than 54 countries | Kazakh and Russian speaking

Top 3

Reasons For Doing Business In Kazakhstan

Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC)

Full tax exemptions in special economic zones

Corporate income tax rate of 20%

More advantages​

  • Personal income tax rate of 10%,
  • Inbound dividend to a Kazakh resident company is tax exempt, likewise dividends from one Kazakh resident company to another Kazakh resident company, outbound dividends to a non-resident/foreign company are exempt from withholding tax on certain conditions,
  • Net operating losses can be carried forward for up to ten years,
  • Foreign tax credits available,
  • Transfer pricing rules, thin capitalization and controlled foreign company (CFCs) rules apply,
  • No wealth tax,
  • No inheritance, estate, gift taxes.

Company Formation In the Kazakhstan

Do you need to establish a company in Kazakhstan? Then to administer it?
Do you look for a reliable lawyer or accountant in Kazakhstan?
Do you want to structure your international business in a correct way?
You do not know yet what do you actually need?

Well, contact us at anytime, we are ready to help you to find the right answers and workable solution for you. 

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