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Basic Facts

Kenya Overview

African Union member country 2nd largest economy in eastern a central Africa (after Ethiopia) Kenyan shilling (KES) currency Legal system is based on English Common law Presidential democratic country | Politically stable country | Double taxation agreements with more than 15 countries English and Swahili speaking

Top 3

Reasons For Doing Business In Kenya

10% corporation tax for special economic zone (SEZ) enterprises

10 years corporate tax holiday for export processing zone (EPZ) enterprises

Tax exemption for collective investment schemes

More advantages​

  • Corporate income tax rate of 30%,
  • Capital gains tax rate of 15%,
  • Turnover tax of 3% of the yearly turnover depending on the size of a company,
  • Dividend tax of 15% when the dividend is paid to non-residents or overseas holding company,
  • Losses may be carried forward indefinitely,
  • No Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) rules,
  • No inheritance, gift tax,
  • No wealth tax.

Company Formation In Kenya

Do you need to establish a company in Kenya? Then to administer it?

Are you looking for a reliable lawyer or accountant in Kenya?

Do you want to structure your international business in a correct way?

You do not know yet what do you actually need?

Well, contact us at any time, we are ready to help you to find the right answers and workable solution for your specific needs. 

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