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Greetings from Florence (Comparison with Dubai)

Marián Vasil: "Interesting comparison between Florence and Dubai, my home city at the moment."

I have just spent few weeks in Florence, a beautiful Italian city with rich history, renaissance architecture, delicious local cuisine and unforgettable atmosphere. And I would like to try to make one particular, I believe interesting comparison between Florence and Dubai, my home city at the moment.

Undoubtedly, Florence can be regarded as true, capital city of the world in 14-15th century in Medici heydays, due to being the wealthiest city in the world at the time.  Fast forward 600 years and we are in Dubai, the capital city of the modern world, as the wealthiest city of the modern world.

So, what is the common denominator for both these cities that I have noticed? A wealth, an abundance of wealth.

In Florence, as the medieval international trade and financial centre, the abundance of wealth amassed over the centuries is still present today and is seen and felt in every stone and corner of the city.

Nowadays, Dubai is such international trade and financial centre in our modern world with abundance of wealth. Having been steadfastly growing year to year over the last 30 years, Dubai is now on the serious mission to become by 2040 the best city in the world to live in (see Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan ), attracting talented people from all of the world that creates more wealth. 

You can also be a part of it, living and enjoying Dubai lifestyle.

For Dubai, officially promoting itself as the place from which to do business globally, it is paramount to invite anyone with ambition to go global, to come to Dubai, to set up business and trade from here, thus enjoy all benefits along the way such as no corporate and personal income taxes, automatic UAE residency permit for you and your family with your Dubai company, or unique geographical location of Dubai being on crossroads between the continents with easy access to Europe, Asia and Africa. These considerable benefits are the reason why we have recently experienced the significant increase in client queries interested in Dubai, though we offer more than 30 jurisdictions to set up business on our website.

So, if you think of expanding your business beyond your home country or just buying your holiday apartment in Dubai, call us 24/7 to help you how to do it and live and enjoy the Dubai lifestyle, don’t miss the opportunity of your life. We are here to assist you.  


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