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Running an onshore or offshore business can be a tricky task. Regulations and laws between countries vary and one can get easily lost in the amount of information out there. We source the best and up to date news from offshore and onshore world, international tax, accounting and banking industries. On top of that, we share our own thoughts and views on all topics mentioned above. We hope you will enjoy our blog and find it valuable.

Corporate Tax in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s tax system distinguishes between corporate residents and non-residents. While corporate residents are required to pay taxes on their worldwide income, corporate non-residents are only taxed on their Luxembourg source of income, i.e. income originating within Luxembourg’s borders.

New e-visit visa in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has introduced a new electronic business visit visa called “visiting investor” to specifically facilitate the travel of investors seeking investment opportunities in the country.

British Virgin Islands as the Top Offshore Jurisdiction

According to the recently published Vistra 2030 Report (“Preparing for a New Era of Globalisation”) the British Virgin Islands (BVI) maintains its position as the leading offshore jurisdiction. The report suggests that businesses and investors prefer established and proven jurisdictions, as evidenced by the BVI’s consistent top rankings since 2010.

Investment Migration in Africa: An Overview of Emerging Trends

A growing number of African countries are offering residence and citizenship to foreign investors through their investment programs. These programs, known as migration investment programs, allow investors to purchase citizenship or residency in exchange for investment in a country.